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Artisan Hub is a fairtrade organisation aiming to reduce poverty and improve livelihood of disadvantage people in Bangladesh, through Fair Trade Business Development.

Artisan Hut works with over 250 artisans in rural areas such as Narshingdi and Jhenaidha.

By focusing on traditional hand skills, like hand weaving, block printing and hand embroidery, a huge number of people can benefit from making clothes, that otherwise would not.

Machines are rapidly taking handweavers’ jobs and livelihoods away. The only way to stop this is by buying handwoven products – hand weaving fabrics saves 1 ton of CO2 emissions per year per handloom.

The highly skilled, traditional hand weavers of Bangladesh are being put out of work by the demand for cheap, fast fashion. When the only priority is to get the garment from the design board to the shop floor in 6 weeks, hand weavers cannot compete with power looms.

Artisan Hut was founded to deal with this crisis. Workers are able to double their income by using their traditional hand weaving, block printing and hand embroidery skills.


Artisan Hut

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