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Berger Company is a fourth generation, family-owned leather and textiles business based in Atchison, Kansas. Since our founding in 1908, the Berger family has built a reputation of providing quality leather products and excellent customer service at competitive prices.

Berger is a leading supplier of both vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leathers including bellies, double shoulders, bends, double-bends, sides, dossets and whole hides. In addition, Berger distributes a full line of saddle leathers and tack leathers including skirting, latigo and harnesses from our warehouses in both Atchison, Kansas and Houston, Texas.

At Berger, we are focused on providing quality leathers to manufacturers, as well as manufactured leather products and textiles. Our efficient distribution warehouses, coupled with our unique and exclusive direct-agent tannery relationships, enable us to provide quality leathers, from both import and domestic hides, at competitive prices.



Berger Company

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