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Ecologic Republic’s mission is to empower fashion designers & brands to have access to a trusted supply chain partner who can guide them, hand in hand, through the process of manufacturing high quality products in the most environmentally & socially sound manner. 

Based in Amsterdam, with partners in the UK and production facilities in India, the team are able to deliver a complete service: from concept to garment. 


From organic cotton to ahimsa silk, handcrafted or machine made, Ecologic Republic give you access to a wide range of fair trade, environmentally sound fabrics, thanks to an established network of trusted partner suppliers. 


With a team of talented designers, product managers and supply chain experts always works to the highest standards they will help you turn your ideas into products, making sure they meet your needs. 


All garment manufacturing is done in-house in their factory in India. Their experienced workforce specialise in high-end stitching, finishing with special attention to details of light to medium weight organic wovens and jerseys; combining traditional industry skills and knowledge with modern manufacturing echniques.

Ecologic Republic

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