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Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC is based in Spring Hope, North Carolina USA. We manufacture and ship hemp and kenaf natural plant fiber products worldwide. The products we make are used for oil well drilling loss circulation materials (LCM), spill absorbents and bast fibers for making plastic composites. Our DrillWallTM product is a loss circulation material (LCM) used by many companies as part of their formula for oil well drilling fluids. The Spill-Be-GoneTM products are used for oil and chemical spill cleanups by many first responders and mechanic shops. Spill-Be-GoneTM is also used by many people for cleaning up an oil or liquid spill on their home garage floors.

IHM sells plant fibers made from hemp, kenaf, flax and jute. We have fiber treatment technology to make plant fibers fire retardent, water repellent, absorptive or super soft. We provide custom cut fiber, treated fiber, carded opened fiber, textiles, non-woven mats, woven mats and other natural fiber products. Our plant fiber automobile plastic composites markets are expanding rapidly worldwide. The automobile plastic composites made with our plant fibers are over 30 percent lighter and just as strong as fiberglass.


Industrial Hemp Manufacturing LLC

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