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Purnaa is an ethical garment manufacturer in Kathmandu, Nepal with a social mission to empower those most marginalised by society to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.

Purnaa is a full-service custom garment and accessories manufacturer, producing primarily womenswear and childrenswear. They draft and grade patterns; source sustainable fabric; cut, sew and trim; label, package, and export. 

They are passionate about quality manufacturing, environmental sustainability, and making Purnaa a great place for our employees to work. 

Purnaa’s customers are usually boutique designers or growing brands that care about ethical production, sustainable supply chains, and excellence in manufacturing. 

They use the Toyota sewing system, organising their staff into small teams that work together to produce a product from the first stitch to packaging. In doing so, Purnaa enable quality control and production efficiency, while creating a community work atmosphere where staff become experienced in all the steps of the sewing process.

Purnaa Enterorises PVT LTD

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