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Tanners are constantly challenged to create high quality leather as efficient as possible and with a minimal environmental impact. Governments, NGO’s, OEMs, brands and consumers are active in applying pressure on the leather industry, and demands on leather in terms of performance, production efficiency and sustainability are rising. Smit & zoon supports tanners in meetings these growing demands. These innovative chrome free, cationic retanning agents are based on the mineral zeolite. Application of these performance products ensures an increased affinity of anionic chemicals and a high uptake and of all retanning chemicals, fatliquors and dyes used in the leather crusting process. This reduces the volume of chemicals needed in the retanning process and the volume of chemicals ending up in the waste water, thus saving tanneries costs, both on the purchasing as well as on effluent treatment. The products are suitable for the retannage of all kind of leather articles e.g.: shoe upper grain; shoe upper splits; furniture upholstery; automotive upholstery and hand bags.



Smith & Zoon

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