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Lauffenmühle makes a range of materials, but it all starts with the remarkable infinito® biodegradable polymer. Infinito® is made from a proprietary non-PLA polymer—it’s then blended with varying percentages of Tencel® to create the company’s woven reworx® fabric, available in a range of custom colors. There are fabrics made from both the filament and staple fibers. reworx® is ideal for kid’s clothes, pajamas, high-end pieces and anywhere you need a soft and durable fabric.


From sewing yarn to buttons, woven labels to ribbons, a biodegradable elastic, an interfacing, and a monofilament for 3D printing, Lauffenmühle makes a whole toolkit of C2C Certified fashion design materials. These building blocks can be used in all kinds of products, including outerwear, casual clothing, intimates and accessories. All of them are made from infinito®, a polymer that’s biodegradable and safe for biological systems.



Lauffenmuhle Textile Innovation

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